Alcoholism and drug addiction

Alcoholism and drug addiction is a family disease. The disease affects all those who have a relationship with a problem addict. Crossroad Wellness Those of us closest to the addict suffer the most, and those who care the most can easily get caught up in the behavior of another person. We react to the addict’s behavior. We focus on them, what they do, where they are, how much they drink or use drugs. We try to control their drinking and usage of drugs for them. We take on the blame, guilt, and shame that really belong to the addict. We can become as addicted to the addict, as the alcoholic is to alcohol or the drug addict is is to drugs. We, too, can become ill.

Al‑Anon Family Groups have one primary purpose: to help families and friends of alcoholics, however Al‑Anon’s 2018 Membership Survey reported that 35% of Al‑Anon members first came to Al‑Anon because of a relative or friend’s drug problem & The survey also showed that 78% of these members eventually realized that someone’s drinking also negatively affected their lives.

It is your choice to speak or not during the meetings. Newcomers are welcomed to meetings, usually provided with literature and a local meeting list, and invited to listen and learn & Some meetings offer beginners’ meetings, specifically for newcomers. Members are available to answer questions before or after the meetings.

We at Crossroads Wellness have certified counsellors who can also help you deal with an addict at home, deal with trauma situations, i.e. neurotics as a result of the effect of the emotional harm due to addiction at home.