Addiction: A Silent Killer that Hijacks the Brain

We all know that substance abuse can ruin a person by affecting his health, family life, career, and even personality. But, did you know addiction can affect the brain as well? Experts reveal that addiction impacts the brain on many levels, rendering the individual incapable, distressed, and sick. This is why it is always recommended to seek professional help, preferably from a reputed alcohol and drug rehabilitation center to treat the problem at the earliest. 

What Does Addiction Do to Our Brain?

The chemical compounds present in addictive substances gradually reach the brain and lead people to crave more substances and lose control of their impulses. Thereafter, it alters the way our brain identifies and registers pleasure and leads on to corrupt the normal drives, such as motivation, emotional response, and learning. In simple words, addiction slowly hijacks the brain and disrupts its normal activities. This is the reason why the best rehab centers in India recommend in-house rehabilitation to cut down the supply of addictive substances.

Which Areas of the Brain Are Affected?

Brain Stem: This is the part of the brain that is responsible for all the fundamental activities of our body, e.g. breathing, digestion, blood circulation, etc. 

Limbic System: This part of the brain links together several brain structures that control emotional responses, such as feeling pain or happiness. This is why drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs focus on emphasizing positive feedback.

Cerebral Cortex: The outer part of the grey matter is composed of four lobes that control specific functions, such as thinking, controlling our senses, and decision making.

Affecting these areas, addiction will disrupt all these brain functions. It may also cause brain damage and even death. So, reach out to the best rehab in Mumbai and stop it from taking control of your loved one.