An addict is always an addict

Addicts have their reasons to go out to their usual groups and their usual hangout spots to smoke or drink or inject or snort drugs they become really dis-oriented in the way way they do their things or their life becomes un-manageble to their selves and they cause grief to their own loved ones they are with . The lives of these drug addicts are mainly around the factors that mainly surround in for social situations or people like to call ‘fittting in’and it so happens that they end up in a rehabilitation centres to recover from their disease. Addicts around india are surrounded with pressure from work, relationships, family or special cases where people are drawn into ‘social means’ to get into their group , exceptional cases include schizoaffective or schizophrenic with induced (cannabis psychosis)  who also need treatment at a rehab facility to rectify , learn and treat these behavior. Rehab facilities are often put into the various scenarios depending on their problems they are suffering and (if) they have any induced drug intake which had lead to major changes in their lives and themselves , mostly addicts come in for drug abuse (rare cases most of them ) .

What happens when you are put in a rehab facility ?

  • Initial consultation

A consultant will first ask you of your information (basis information) , your options will be discussed  of which program will suit you the best & any other questions you shall have about things which maybe personal or things you would like to share which is an ‘extra’ need to know can be assessed and identified tro your case work your therapist on site to help you tailor your problems. The initial consultation will help your therapist to learn about you and what your treatment will likely include . It is best if you have a case worker , he or she will help you set up the consultation for you .

  • Psychological assesment

In india not many rehab institutes excercise a wellness program or most resort to little to moderate amounts of programs & learning modules which will help you mould certain aspects of yourself and guide you to a better aspect of a ‘ sober & clean life.

An addiction psychiatrist will assess you to determine your mental state , whether you have a comorbid disorder such as:-




So the clinic can provide you with a better treatment plan.

  • Physical assessment

A physician will assess you to determine the level of addiction , any health problems that could effect your recovery or which may require treatment for you to be healthy , this will include certain assesments done by the physician to determine your level of addiction and the potential soverity of your withrawal .

  • Custom treatment plan

Your physician & Phycologists will work together to create a custom treatment plan that meets your individual needs.This includes detox , a therapy schedule that meets your needs , psychological re-evaluation after de-tox , nutritional and physical coaching , complementary treatment and after care.

  • Here are a few in detail of your steps in a rehab


During detox , you will recieve medical care to help you safely withraw from your substance. however a detox program will vary depending on your diagnosis.


Early abstinence is defined as the first period of rehabilitation, typically starting with your detox . Over here goal to recovery are mostly focused on moving past the substance use and harmfull behaviour. Early abstinence typically involves your shifting from detox to gaining & experiencing new life skills and knowing that your addiction is seen in a treatable manner rather than a curse.


Typically their steps begins after you have been abstinent for a period of 30-90 days and it also includes long term abstinence treatment , group therapy aftercare and ongoing recovery.


Your rehab will discharge you either after a certain number of days or after you have been deemed to be ready to remain calm or sober on your own.


Most rehabilitation centres in india will offer an after care program which includes the program such as the 12 steps which can help you return to your normal life and responsibilities.