How to Stop Urge for Alcohol?

Drinking alcohol is very common, some people drink alcohol for their enjoyment and some are habituated to it. People starts consuming alcohol because of several reasons such as peer pressure, mood disorder, etc. It’s very hard to quit alcohol once an individual is habituated to it but it is not impossible as there are numbers of ways to cop-up and reduce urge of it. Quitting alcohol in the right time and the earliest point can be beneficial for you and your mental and physical health. When an addict wants to quit alcohol or any substance abuse, they need someone who can help and support them in this because it’s not easy to eliminate substance abuse. They might don’t ask for help but it is a responsibility of their family or friends to help them reliving a sober life. Eliminating alcohol takes time and there are chances that they will face some consequences and it’s not a thing that you find solution in your home, you have to get proper treatment from alcohol rehabilitation centres.

While taking treatment from rehab centre the addict should take care of its own self and should concentrate on its goal of quitting alcohol, these will help them in quick and life time recovery. There are few ways which can improve your ability to reduce the urge of alcohol:

  • Countering Urge

You are the only one who can change your life and bring it on track. To overcome you have to talk to yourself and question yourself why you want to quite? What are the reasons for changing? How your life will change if you successfully cope-up your urge? Remember one thing giving into urge keeps it alive whereas not giving might slowly kills? This all can lead to change in your response.        

  • Avoid triggers

Avoiding triggers is very helpful strategy to change your drinking habit and controlling urge. Replace your drinking habit to any activities which can easily distract your mind or cover yourself with your non-drinker friends, etc.

  • Medications

Once you have decided to give-up on alcohol, the very first thing you should do is, seek treatment by taking concern from your doctor or get treatment from alcohol rehabilitation centre and follow proper treatment plan and don’t skip your medication as the chemical of medicine helps to control your craving or urge for alcohol and if you skip or take your medicine improperly then you may face some serious issues.  

  • Meditation

Practising meditation and yoga helps to find inner peace, develop the sense of calmness and control your urge.

  • DISARM method

DISARM is another strategy to control you urge, following are the 3 steps of DISARM according to which you can cope-up with your urges and craving.

  1. Name the urge
  2. Awareness
  3. Refusal

The above following ways will help you to overcome your addiction and control your urges and craving for alcohol. If your loved one is suffering from alcohol addiction and want to eliminate or to control their urge, you can go for Crossroad Wellness – One of the trusted alcohol rehabilitation centre in Pune and Mumbai. The team of specialized doctors, therapist, and trainer will help you in your journey of recovery and the well-trained staff members will make you feel comfortable by offering a tranquil environment along with love and concern.