Negative Impact of Drug Addiction in Adolescent

According to many studies, the maximum percentage of drug addicts are teenagers, from which 10% of grade 7th, 23% of grade 9th, and more than 33% of college students. Why teens use drugs? Adolescence is a process of developing from a child into an adult. During this period, a child easily gets influenced by anything, mostly negative things, as they can’t differentiate between right and wrong. At this point, they make the wrong decision in their life. There are countless reasons why teens easily use drugs. Some common reasons are peer pressure, to show themselves cool, negative friend circle, and some consume drugs to cope with feelings of depression, anxiety, or other mental illness.

Adolescents underestimate the risks of certain activities, including using drugs. Over time, the daily consumption of it starts causing serious harm leading to many mental illnesses, and also change in their behaviour as drug use triggers such as anger and aggression. To drag them out, their parents should observe their child and be aware of their friend circle and activities performed by their child. Drugs have a significant impact on the brain and slowly start changing how it communicates and acts, specifically when it comes to dopamine. Usually, dopamine rewards natural behaviours of emotions, the feeling of pleasure, and the likes. Eventually, the chemical in drugs enters their system, and this surge of dopamine sends the addicts into a euphoric overdrive. This state of an addict is of concern for the adolescent as the brain develops until 25.

If your child is addicted to a drug, then help him/her rather than getting angry at them. All they need is your support and help from a drug rehabilitation centre in India to recover from their addiction and start a new life. Before finalising any drug rehabilitation, gather all the information about that rehab and check the doctors, therapist, trainer, and staff members’ certificates. Starting the treatment at the right time can save your child because delays in treatment can make the situation worst.

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