Mobile /Gaming/Internet Addiction

Is the Internet The Most addictive Virtual World?

The Internet, it is a vast wonderland of knowledge, entertainment, activism, communication and fun. Ever since the World Wide Web was formed, it has been both a boon and bane. People have become used to being entertained immediately which gives Instant Gratification. Dating, Movies, plays, fun videos, games, porn, anything is available just by logging on. The net provides an arena where anyone can project any identity and get immediate thrill and attention and find a fulfilment that the real world does not provide. This is something that provides a high that is equivalent to any drug/alcohol. As such this is highly addictive for those with hidden personality issues.

The why of addictive personality

The need for thrill, identity, attention and fulfilment drives the behaviour of people and very quickly becomes the fix for any real life boredom, disregard and deemed failures, to the extent that the world of internet is more comfortable than the real world. Drug rehabilitation centres have found Pornography, Video Gaming and Social Media have become the biggest areas where addiction is becoming a major issue.

The most serious internet addiction : Gaming

Gaming Addiction is an area where lot of people get hooked. The world of gaming is one of great fun along with development of lots of skill sets. It can be argued that lots of games help in brain development, knowledge enhancement, and connection with gamers of varied countries thus leading to wider connections etc. Nevertheless there is a significant number of people who use the anonymity of game avatars to take themselves into a world that gives the feeling of being in control and provides high adrenaline rushes. Along with the rush is the fact that all games are designed with ever increasing challenging levels that drive gaming addicts to keep on playing. The games thus create compulsion in the player to continue playing. Hours of time that could be spent in the real world productively are lost to the temporary thrill of the game.

The solution

Rehabs in India have found that this is a behavioural addiction that is as harmful as Drug/Alcohol addiction. It is necessary that the Net Addict goes to a rehabilitation centre that has the necessary treatment programme specifically for the net-addict where the re-entry into the real world can be made and the desire to escape into the make-believe world is replaced with the desire to engage with life.

Signs to look for

Research has identified certain signs and patterns that are indicators of serious internet and gaming addiction. Some of the emotional signs or symptoms of video game addiction include:

There also are physical signs of the addiction. Some of the physical signs or symptoms of video game addiction include: