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Drug addiction is a brain disease that causes people to lose control of the use of some drug or substance. Drug addiction can be life-threatening. Addictions are not problems of willpower or morality. Addiction is a powerful and complex disease and people with addiction to drugs cannot simply quit, even if they wish to. The drugs change the brain in a way that makes quitting physically and mentally difficult. Treating addiction often requires lifelong care and therapy. Crossroad Wellness is one of the best drug rehabilitation centres in Pune, where you can get proper treatment.

Drugs that are commonly misused include alcohol, cocaine, meth, marijuana, opioid, tobacco, nicotine, steroids, prescribed drugs, inhalants, codeine, morphine, and ketamine. While all these drugs are very different from each other, they strongly activate the addiction centres of the brain. This is what makes these drugs habit-forming. A drug rehab centre must be considered for treatment as this habit keeps on getting worsened.


People begin to take drugs for several reasons:

  • Enjoy the pleasurable experience
  • Want to change their unpleasant feelings
  • Want to improve themselves at work
  • Peer pressure

Symptoms of drug addiction are:

  • High cravings
  • Difficulty in concentrating at work
  • Engaging in risky behaviors
  • Inability to control drug use
  • Changes in physical appearance
  • Always tired and dull
  • Weight loss
  • Issues with money
Drug Rehab in Pune


The first step to diagnosing a drug addiction is recognizing the problem and wanting help. The initial step begins with an intervention from friends or loved ones. Once the person decides to seek help, the next step is to perform a complete exam provided by a healthcare professional. After the examination is done, treatment begins. You can contact us through our website, we have the best drug rehabilitation centre in Pune



There are several therapies for treating drug addiction. Even for a severe case, treatment from a proper drug rehab center can help. Often, you’ll receive a combination of these therapies:

Best Drug Rehabilitation

Best Drug Rehabilitation
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